Monday, July 28, 2003

Thanks for the memory!

I guess every G.I. my age has a Bob Hope story. It was 1945 and the island of Guam was not fully secured as yet. The US Army Airforce was to be stationed up on a hill where the Cee Bee's were constructing a runway capable of handling the big B-29's that were to go on to bomb Japan later.
The field was not quite complete when an airship came in for a landing, and out stepped Bob Hope, along with his entourage, and Francis Langford.
There wasn't any place for a stage so they backed some trucks together and he did a standup.
Marines, soldiers, and my outfit formed a perimeter at the jungles edge. He was great, and gracious, jumping off the back of the truck to shake hands, and give cigarettes, and HOPE above all to all those around him.
The command thought it wise for him to leave, so with after a little refueling of the plane he left, and not one gun, or one eye was facing the perimeter, all were on that plane leaving.
It was nice to see him, but it left a lot of stomachs empty and minds sad. As if your Dad just left.
But, Bob Hope was,..................HOPE.


And Rest in Peace

Tony Cucurullo