Thursday, July 10, 2003

In a recent magnanimous gesture Bob Vernum withheld a story about the Olympic athletic accomplishments of his daughter Beth.

While the thought is very heart warming of him, it denies all of us the thrill of living vicariously through these events that our children partake in.
We must remember that we are from an industry that afforded all of us to live in the reflected glory of the performers that we artistically and technically put on the screens of the TV world.

I wish his daughter Beth all the success as she tries the Triathlon, the most grueling physical athletic events in Hawaii.
This of course portends a try at the Olympics itself.
May the Gods of Olympia shine their favors upon her, and crown her with the victor’s gold.
Bob, I personally thank you for respectfully praying for my daughter also.


Tony Cucurullo