Sunday, July 20, 2003

I spoke to Pierce Evans at the hospital where he is recovering
from a Hematoma (blood pockets) to the brain. The surgeons drilled five hole to relieve the pressure, and he is in the recovery stage at this moment. He also broke his elbow and that too, is on the mend.
I asked if he had any symptoms, and yes, there were headaches, which he claims is unusual for him.
So, there is a message for all, "Do not dismiss a minor pain, or a discomfort as such" try to pay attention to these warning signs of nature. Especially we older folks.
He will welcome calls from all at 904-819-1022. He hopes to leave the hospital by Friday.
Good luck to all, and have a great summer. Play the horses, and try to lose with grace.

Tony Cucurullo