Sunday, July 27, 2003

Another one gone

Today’s Newsday carries the obituary of Joe DiGiovanna, who at his retirement, was a vice president of Television operations at ABC. Old timers of CBS will remember Joe as a maintenance technician at CBS who worked in the theatres. Joe was caught in a layoff at CBS and went to work for Hank Alexander (former CBS lighting director) who had built a television mobile unit - frequently rented by CBS. After this he went to work for ABC.

Joe also attended many of the CBS retiree luncheons and In addition, some of the mini luncheons organized by Freddie Schutz. He also lived in the same condo complex in Moriches, Long Island as Jim McCarthy and Jim Angerame.

I have been negligent in not keeping in touch with Joe after Freddie’s passing and was not aware of his illness.

He and I traveled together on political convention surveys and attended many meetings; and I can attest to the respect given him by those working with him.
He was a capable and well liked individual’

Funeral services are tomorrow (sat) and while I hoped at least to attend the today’s wake (a forty minute drive) a bad back prevents me from doing so.

Life goes on.