Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Re: Milt Haas

Hi, my name is Ed Haas and Milton Haas was my father. While I was doing an internet search, I happened to come across photo #46, a 1951 TVR seasons greetings card, with a picture of my father on it. Amazing!!! I had never seen that before. It was done one year before I was born in 1952. Anyway, I just thought you should know that Milton passed away in 1997. He was very healthy until the last year of his life when he developed alzheimer's, but passed from pneumonia in a nursing home. He worked at CBS from 1936-1976. Even after retirement, he kept a very active life and always spoke fondly about his years at CBS. I have quite a bit of CBS memorabilia from him in the form of photos and papers. One of these days, I will get it organized and probably donate it to the CBS archives. While I was never an employee of CBS, I've had a professional relationship with CBS photo for over 20 years. I am a commercial photographer, and was introduced by my father to the then head of photo, Marty Silverstein. He hired me for many jobs and I've gotten to know many people at CBS. Marty has since retired, and I continue my work relationship with John Filo on 52nd st.

Milton worked on the color system with Peter Goldmark, and when I was growing up, my father used to take me to work with him to the studios in grand central station before the move to the broadcast center.
my father was a great guy and he is missed very much.

Ed Haas (aka

Monday, July 28, 2003

Thanks for the memory!

I guess every G.I. my age has a Bob Hope story. It was 1945 and the island of Guam was not fully secured as yet. The US Army Airforce was to be stationed up on a hill where the Cee Bee's were constructing a runway capable of handling the big B-29's that were to go on to bomb Japan later.
The field was not quite complete when an airship came in for a landing, and out stepped Bob Hope, along with his entourage, and Francis Langford.
There wasn't any place for a stage so they backed some trucks together and he did a standup.
Marines, soldiers, and my outfit formed a perimeter at the jungles edge. He was great, and gracious, jumping off the back of the truck to shake hands, and give cigarettes, and HOPE above all to all those around him.
The command thought it wise for him to leave, so with after a little refueling of the plane he left, and not one gun, or one eye was facing the perimeter, all were on that plane leaving.
It was nice to see him, but it left a lot of stomachs empty and minds sad. As if your Dad just left.
But, Bob Hope was,..................HOPE.


And Rest in Peace

Tony Cucurullo

Sunday, July 27, 2003

When the winter winds blows cold breathes across the tree of life
Then your sepulcher awaits the conclusion of your journey.
This age we are passing through has been so sad as to sap the joy from my heart.

I am still in the depths of sadness, when I read that another fine gentleman died.
Bill Casper:
Bill had finesse about his demeanor that spoke of a more genteel time. I am sorry to hear of his passing.

Then this morning I read of the death of a giant of industry:
The passing of Joseph DiGiovanna.
It is now crying time again. For Joe was a very personal friend of mine going back to the end of the Korean War.
We both started out as Field-Engineers, ( Studio Techs.) at NBC. We were assigned to the studio's on 76th Street that are now part of the ABC net; particularly The Arlene Francis Show.
The maintenance man there was our own Bob Zagoren the best there was at his trade.
When Joe and I were laid-off on Christmas week in 1954, NBC, had us go to the Western Electric Company, as TD-2 Staff Engineers.
We engineered relay stations for television companies across the land. We stayed there until an interview came along for CBS. Joe and I were hired immediately, as Asst. Techs. Bob came in as a full technician.
The three of us took our CBS ID picture shoulder-to-shoulder.
That lasted a year then we were elevated to technicians. Joe went into maintenance.

When we were young, and the children were on the way, Dolores and my wife Pauline, and Joe and I would share a dinner or two.

Joe was the youngest man to achieve the rating of Chief Electronics Mate in the Navy. He had a very keen mind.
In 1962 when we were laid-off from CBS, Joe made me promise him that we would get jobs in different companies. He said he got tired of being laid off from jobs with me.
Well, he went to work for ABC and the rest was history he made it to the top.
I didn't know that Joe had any ailments. I am so very sorry to read this sad news as another tug on my heart.

Joe is a giant of our industry, and he belongs in heart to CBS.

Joe, rest in peace...... Good by my dear friend.
We will see each other in heaven.

Joe, reposa in pace,.......addio mio carrisimo amico
Ci vediamo in paradiso.

Tony Cucurullo

Another one gone

Today’s Newsday carries the obituary of Joe DiGiovanna, who at his retirement, was a vice president of Television operations at ABC. Old timers of CBS will remember Joe as a maintenance technician at CBS who worked in the theatres. Joe was caught in a layoff at CBS and went to work for Hank Alexander (former CBS lighting director) who had built a television mobile unit - frequently rented by CBS. After this he went to work for ABC.

Joe also attended many of the CBS retiree luncheons and In addition, some of the mini luncheons organized by Freddie Schutz. He also lived in the same condo complex in Moriches, Long Island as Jim McCarthy and Jim Angerame.

I have been negligent in not keeping in touch with Joe after Freddie’s passing and was not aware of his illness.

He and I traveled together on political convention surveys and attended many meetings; and I can attest to the respect given him by those working with him.
He was a capable and well liked individual’

Funeral services are tomorrow (sat) and while I hoped at least to attend the today’s wake (a forty minute drive) a bad back prevents me from doing so.

Life goes on.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Sad News

I just learned today that Bill (C.W.) Casper died from Pneumonia on January 26 of this year, 2003.
He retired from video tape in 1985(?)

Harry Peterson

Sunday, July 20, 2003

I spoke to Pierce Evans at the hospital where he is recovering
from a Hematoma (blood pockets) to the brain. The surgeons drilled five hole to relieve the pressure, and he is in the recovery stage at this moment. He also broke his elbow and that too, is on the mend.
I asked if he had any symptoms, and yes, there were headaches, which he claims is unusual for him.
So, there is a message for all, "Do not dismiss a minor pain, or a discomfort as such" try to pay attention to these warning signs of nature. Especially we older folks.
He will welcome calls from all at 904-819-1022. He hopes to leave the hospital by Friday.
Good luck to all, and have a great summer. Play the horses, and try to lose with grace.

Tony Cucurullo

Sad News

Bill Kling passed away June, 2003. Bill, I believed worked in the FR area.

From Tony Casola

Saturday, July 19, 2003

Ham Radio Page

The QSL page has been completely redone to match the format of the other "picture albums."
See the addition of the latest QSL card to be added. If you haven't already done so, please send
the Webmaster a scan of your QSL card, or mail me a copy for inclusion on the page.



Thursday, July 17, 2003

Sad news about Pierce Evans. He was hospitalized and is now in rehab after falling while walking his dog. The doctors think he fell because of a hematoma in his head, which they seem to be treating successfully. I spoke to him at this number in the rehab center 904-819-1022, (he sounded pretty good)

Ted Perzeszty

Saturday, July 12, 2003

Free Passes!

I have four daily grounds passes for the Big Apple Classic LPGA tournament at the Wykagyl Country Club in New Rochelle, NY for July 17th-July 20th. The world's top LPGA players will be competing on a beautiful , historic golf course. If anyone is interested in one or more passes, please send me an e-mail at with your mailing address.
For more information on the tournament, check the LPGA Website.


Thursday, July 10, 2003

In a recent magnanimous gesture Bob Vernum withheld a story about the Olympic athletic accomplishments of his daughter Beth.

While the thought is very heart warming of him, it denies all of us the thrill of living vicariously through these events that our children partake in.
We must remember that we are from an industry that afforded all of us to live in the reflected glory of the performers that we artistically and technically put on the screens of the TV world.

I wish his daughter Beth all the success as she tries the Triathlon, the most grueling physical athletic events in Hawaii.
This of course portends a try at the Olympics itself.
May the Gods of Olympia shine their favors upon her, and crown her with the victor’s gold.
Bob, I personally thank you for respectfully praying for my daughter also.


Tony Cucurullo

Wednesday, July 09, 2003


At the behest of Tony and Gayle Depoli I will file a little story about my youngest daughter Beth. Beth has been trying for the past few years to qualify for Ironman Hawaii (which is the world championship) on June 29th at Coeur D' Alene, Idaho. She made it! For those of you not familiar with the requirements to complete an Ironman (which this was), it begins at 7A.M., with a two and one half mile swim followed immediately by a one hundred fifteen mile bike ride followed by a twenty seven mile run.
Grueling as it is normally, the temperature did not cooperate. During her running phase--it was ninety five degrees! She and many others had to be assisted to the medical tent, where IV's were administered for dehydration. I was reluctant to post this out of respect to Tony and Paula for their great loss, however, I just felt that some of the CBS'ers that Beth knew would be plugging for her.
The object of Ironman is to FINISH. She beat her time of last year's event by sixteen minutes-her total time was eleven hours eleven minutes.
I am extremely proud of her, and I will be in Kona on Oct. 18th cheering her on.

Bob Vernum

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

for what it is worth, the last I heard of Betty Grady, she was
going out to California to be with her daughter, in Palm Springs.
This info was received a couple of weeks after Bert's passing,
so it is not very up to date, but may be a clue for someone.

Tom Nadig