Tuesday, June 10, 2003

My wife, Paula and I wish to thank all of you that expressed your condolences to us, about the death of our daughter.
I was surprised to see her picture on the WEB page. We have received many nice cards and letters from some of you. One in particular that affected us was sent to us by John Wells. He reminisced about his beautiful daughter that ironically had the same name as my daughter,....... Barbara Ann,......... and she too was a nurse. The similarities was startling and at the same time sad.
Those that are still employed at CBS and had sent a card it was heart warming to see some of the names from the past. I hope they too join the Retirees Association when they leave the company. And too, I hope they bring along the stories of the contributions they made to the history of our great company.

I have tried to respect the memories of those that have gone from our ranks. Some of them were from my generation and I felt a loss for them and sympathized with their families. But, I can't for the life of me understand this. In my thinking that has historically been preconditioned by living almost monastically with the premise of everything being done by some form of seniority. And if one of us died well we lived a life with some preordained length to it. But when a child goes before you well, it seems that she jumped the seniority list, and that isn't the way it's supposed to be.
I hope I can put this behind me, and go on with my life of being a fun guy, and returning to having the verbal repartee with Dave Minott, Ted Perzeszty and annoying some of you with my sophomoric humor.
No matter how we have behaved on this page I cherish all of you and wish you the very best that life can offer.

Tony Cucurullo