Friday, June 27, 2003

FTC opens drive against telemarketing

WASHINGTON, June 27 (UPI) -- The Federal Trade Commission opened a long-awaited nationwide registry Friday for those who want to block unwanted telemarketing calls.
Companies or marketers have until Oct. 1 to remove any registered phone numbers from their calling lists. Once the enforcement begins, telemarketers who disregard the registry could face fines as high as $11,000 for each call.
Under rules announced by FTC Chairman Timothy J. Muris Thursday, residents can list their numbers on the do-not-call registry free, the Washington Post reported.
Consumers can join the list via the Internet ( or by calling 888-382-1222 after July 7.
Commercial telemarketing is covered by the rule except for polling, surveys and calls from political or charitable organizations. The rules also allow calls from firms with existing business relationships with consumers.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

New Pictures!

I have just posted the latest pictures from the NY/LI mini-luncheon. Guess who came to lunch?

P.S. I have shortened the length of these lines to accomodate those who are viewing with a larger font.
If you still have "wrap-around", let me know, and I will shorten them a bit more.

New Pictures!

I have just posted the latest pictures from the NY mini-luncheon. Guess who came to lunch?

Ted is still here!

Have no fear, Ted is here! Unfortunately, his computer isn't! He had a crash & burn
(literally - his power supply went up in smoke!)
He should be back online, supplying us with wit & humor, very shortly!

LI/NY Mini-Luncheon a huge success!

Our usual min-luncheon, which takes place between the regular luncheons, was a success, as usual.
We had 15 attendees, the compant was great, and the food was delicious!
I will be posting the pictures within the next few days!

News of Agnes Schutz
Due to her accident, Agnes is now in a different hospital. For those who might like to call, or send a card:

St. Charles Hospital, Port Jefferson, NY
Room 321
Tel# 631-474-6688

They didn't know visiting hours. Suggest calling first.

Saturday, June 21, 2003

News of Agnes Schutz

Received news that Agnes Schutz had an accident while shopping. She fell and fractured both legs. The second leg was operated on June 21st. She's in satisfactory condition at Brunswick Hospital in Amityville, NY. ( 631-789-7000. ) Agnes will be released from Brunswick Hospital sometime next week, and will receive therapy, hopefully at St. Charles Hospital.

Tony Casola

Friday, June 13, 2003

EWING, Mary H., passed away May 29, 2003 at age 80. Born in Stratford, CT.
Lived in Tucson for 21 years. Survived by daughter, Linda of Tucson; son,
Brian of Atlanta; seven grandchilden and seven great-grandchildren; and
brother, Bobby. Arrangements by BRING'S BROADWAY CHAPEL, 6910 E. Broadway.

John Ewing passed away in 1991.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

My wife, Paula and I wish to thank all of you that expressed your condolences to us, about the death of our daughter.
I was surprised to see her picture on the WEB page. We have received many nice cards and letters from some of you. One in particular that affected us was sent to us by John Wells. He reminisced about his beautiful daughter that ironically had the same name as my daughter,....... Barbara Ann,......... and she too was a nurse. The similarities was startling and at the same time sad.
Those that are still employed at CBS and had sent a card it was heart warming to see some of the names from the past. I hope they too join the Retirees Association when they leave the company. And too, I hope they bring along the stories of the contributions they made to the history of our great company.

I have tried to respect the memories of those that have gone from our ranks. Some of them were from my generation and I felt a loss for them and sympathized with their families. But, I can't for the life of me understand this. In my thinking that has historically been preconditioned by living almost monastically with the premise of everything being done by some form of seniority. And if one of us died well we lived a life with some preordained length to it. But when a child goes before you well, it seems that she jumped the seniority list, and that isn't the way it's supposed to be.
I hope I can put this behind me, and go on with my life of being a fun guy, and returning to having the verbal repartee with Dave Minott, Ted Perzeszty and annoying some of you with my sophomoric humor.
No matter how we have behaved on this page I cherish all of you and wish you the very best that life can offer.

Tony Cucurullo

Friday, June 06, 2003

Looking at the names that attended the CBS Luncheon on May 14th. I remembered lot of them. However, it brought to mind the names of some of the gents that passed on to the schedule desk in the sky.
At Grand Central Station, in the late 1950's, up on the 3rd floor, ( I guess?) there was a department known as Vidicon-Valley. The group of technicians that plied their trade there became a tight nit group of misfits.
As I recall we had Joe Cook, Bob Abernathy, Norm Johnson, Jim Kelensen, Bruno Fucci, Matty Camillo, and Forrest Bishop And some young pups, or "Piss Pots" as Bob Abernathy would refer to anyone he didn't like.
Many others came and went through this department. But, for sheer characters, this cornucopia of talent would fill two volumes of a Damon Runyon novel.
Joe Cook, who resembled a "Soprano" character actually has two sons as NYPD Detectives. Yet, he played the hitman to the hilt. He was a fun character, and he new where his bread was buttered on. He played to the production minions of the news department.

Bob Abernathy was a somewhat look-a-like of WC Fields, the movie star, and comedian of his time. (I do stretch a lot, but, that is so you get the flavor of the person) maybe because he could imbibe on occasion, or only when it suited him.
Bob, spent many years out at sea as Radio Operator, as did many of the technical people hired in the early days. He was a straight shooter and he pulled, "No punches" as to his feelings. He particularly disliked those that didn't support the Union during the 1958 strike. They truly were, "Piss pots."
Forest Bishop, was hired by CBS-NY because of his excellent background as an Audio Engineer, where he served in New England. He never got to do Audio in NY. But, he had this decided Boston brogue, and he could spin a yarn when he cared to, He was almost reclusive, and kept to himself.
But, he did tell me of a New England practice when courting a woman. It is known as "Bundling." It seems that with the severe winters up there, and the fact that young men had to walk to their paramours. It therefore required that the man could sleep over next to his future bride, but, only if a board was placed between the two by the brides father.
I asked Forrest, "Did that work?" He looked at me and said, "Since Adam, man has found away around such obstacles."

The men I wrote about are not today's computer oriented nerds. They were a hard drinking, but talented. The quality of their work is their epitaph.
It was a nice time to work there.

Tony Cucurullo
The tentative date of our next mini-lunch is Wednesday, June 25th, 2003, at the East Bay Diner in Bellmore, NY. If their's any problem with that date, please let me know.

Tony Casola
516 541-2263