Thursday, May 22, 2003

Victor Vineulas called to inform me that Francis ( His Wife ) called him,
to inform him that Henri Menusen had passed away.
Hank Wieland
The above message is a sad reminder to all of us about our mortality.
But, the man, Henry Menusan, conjures a lifetime of pleasant and warm memories, for me as a friend, and coworker.
But, in reading the above message it has two other names mentioned in the communique, that of Victor Vinuelas, and as reported, by Hank Wieland.
As anyone in CBS knows these three men toiled assiduously in the center of the creative technical art form of the television field. The "Tape Room" of our company.
The clamor, and whirring of the machines, while noisy and disruptive to their physical and mental state. They still performed as a team to produce the great TV shows of a great network.
Henry, Or Henri and I net in a department that recorded from, "off the air," onto 16 mm film.
We labored for a Mr. Karl McElvain,who graded us much like school children. We had all sorts of graphs, the most notable was the "pitching proclivities" graph. "Don't ask."
But, the camaraderie was friendly. I learned from Henry, about the great writers. We talked about Faulkner, with another voracious, reader the improbable Jim Kelensen. I always imagined that Henry would write the great novel, for his background was in teaching english. But, alas, that only occurs in some dreams. Art Murphy another who could spin a yarn, or Joe Desmond, who could regale you with dialect and great phrases. But, several CBS'ers wrote books, the last that I am aware of is Pierce Evans book, "The Shroud."
Henry Menusan, belongs in the same pantheon with the other "Gentlemen" of CBS.
It is nice to think about these fine people, it was and is for me life fulfilling.
Peace of the Lord be with his fine family.

Tony Cucurullo