Saturday, May 17, 2003

Swan Club Luncheon

Another very successful luncheon has concluded, and it was good to see our "extended family" again!
Aside from the good food, drink and floral scenery provided by the Swan Club, the camaraderie was palpable.
This luncheon provided us with the company of Stu Meyer and Lee Levy, who flew in from Florida, specifically for the occasion!

It was also good to see Betty & Chico Claudio again. Chico has regained more strenghth after his illness, and Betty had her usual smile.
There were spouses galore, and some retirees brought family members as well.

We had several recent retirees join us as well. Although I have been attending these luncheons for more than twenty years,
it's only been in the last year and one-half that I have done so "officially."

You will see by the pictures that will be posted within the next week, that everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.
After a leisurely stroll through the Swan Club's magnificent gardens, we bade a fond farewell to all, and are eagerly awaiting the next
major luncheon in New Jersey, as well as the mini-luncheons that will take place in-between.

Dave Minott