Thursday, May 15, 2003

Subject: More on Brentwood

This correspondence was received from George Flanagan - sent to him by Bob Wilson:

1. When I served at Brentwood, Jim Teevan was in Shortwave master control.

2. The VOA did not lease the property from Mackay. It would appear that Mackay added the wing housing the CBS equipment specifically for Use by CBS and that it would have been added in 1940 or 41. It fit the transmitters like a glove.

3. The call letters of the four Brentwood stations as listed in the 1947 Broadcasting yearbook were WCBN 50,000 Watts WCBX 50,000 watts WCDA 10,000 watts WCRC 50,000 watts The only one that sticks out in my memory is WCDA. I mentioned I had a vague memory or a W2X__ call and records indicate that it was a long used CBS shortwave call starting off in Wayne NJ. It's possible the call was used a Brentwood for some reason.

4. There is a reprint appearing on the internet of a article by A.B.Chamberlain (Whom I got to know very well in the early 50's when I became Engineer-in -Charge of Television Field and Maintenace operations in NYC. This article describes only two transmitters built by Federal Telegraph (not Federal Radio as I remembered).
I still think this plant started operation in 1941 but I am probably wrong. At any rate the article describes the Brentwood operation very well.

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Will keep trying to find more info.

73 de W2IPX Bob Wilson