Thursday, May 22, 2003

Here is a scan of a 26+ year-old memo, for those who were asking about "Tech recognition!"


FROM: Stanley R. Kreinik


DATE: July 20, 1977

I wish to thank all of you who were involved with keeping CBS on the air during the power emergency.

Maintenance reaction to the situation was done in a professional manner. Without elaborating,

the cooperation and dedication on the job resulted in a successful operation.

DISTRIBUTION: Messrs. Consigiio, Hagarty, Zakrzewski, Alred, Carambelas,

Minott, Young, Simms, Morgan, Levin, Rominiecki, Gosman,

Winiarski, Deller, Wagner, Tornabene, Ognibene, Smyles,

Pease, Clarke, Burkhardt, Casola, Charters, Robbins,

Pollick, Fabricatore, Rosenshein, Schmidt, Szymanski

cc: Messrs. Zagoren, Kuranuki, Benford