Friday, May 16, 2003

Do you know what the Jesus Nut is? Father Charles, of St. Jerome's Church does! That was the opening to his homily Sunday.
The Jesus Nut is the only force holding the blade on the helicopters, ........and when it lets go the next one you see is.........Well, that's why they call it the Jesus Nut.
You can fill in the reasons for the rest of the homily, but it also applies to our Retirees group. The WEB PAGE is our Jesus Nut. It is the glue that binds us.

Ted Perzeszty, worked with Tony Casola to put together the luncheon this past week. And from the early reports, it was a success to say the least. The wandering Jews, Lee Levy, and Stu Meyers traveled up for Florida, (from where else, den), and Lee, gave a glowing account in his letter to me and others, which I hope gets posted on the page.
The thing is we must send in those stories of the past, to the page for posting so that we may enjoy them, no matter the embellishments.
Ted, and Betty Claudio, tell me there were any number of people in animated conversations, recanting the old days, using all sorts of reinvented history, causing all manner of hilarity, and fun. That's what the luncheons are all about.
Chico, made it there also, his stroke didn't keep him down. I understand, that George Klimsack looks regal with his mane of white hair. He still must fight Sandy Bell for handsome rights, according to Betty. Me I'd vote for Ben Taussig in a wet 'T' shirt.
I am eagerly awaiting the list of attendees so that I can reminisce about these old codger friends of mine, and perhaps add a comment or two, whether it close to the truth, or not.

You see, you, all of you are my Jesus Nut. Amen

Tony Cucurullo

Ps: Or is he a nut for Jesus? I heard that, be careful!