Thursday, April 10, 2003

Yesterday I visited Tony Landry (W4MJG); he is 96. Tony lives alone, having outlived three wives, in a house he built many years ago; this on the side of a mountain in rural LAKE LURE, North Carolina.
He can no longer drive so relies on some not too distant friends to take him shopping etc. Shopping is a 20 mile trip out and 20 back over 'motorcycle' roads; much twisting and turning, up and down!
He is stooped, shrunken, and walks slowly. A vegetarian he drinks nothing but the water from his own well, no chlorine or fluorides thank you. Tony is as 'crazy', different, as he was, but is quite lucid; likes to speak of the 'old days' when he worked with Peter Goldmark and others long gone. He was very pleased to see me.

Harry Peterson