Monday, April 07, 2003

On the Move: April 7, 2003

PHILLIP SCHEFFLER, Don Hewitt's right hand at 60 MINUTES for 23 years
and a 52-year veteran of CBS News, has announced he will step down as the
broadcast's executive editor at the end of this television season. 60
MINUTES Senior Producer JOSH HOWARD will assume Scheffler's title and
role at that time. Scheffler will continue to consult as a contributing
editor to 60 MINUTES and CBS News. In a career spanning six decades,
Scheffler has influenced thousands of CBS News broadcasts. Besides the daily
and weekly news programs he contributed to early on, he produced more than
100 news specials and
documentaries in the 1960s and '70s before joining 60 MINUTES, where
he worked on more than 2,000 segments. Howard has spent nearly all of
the past 14 years at 60 MINUTES, first producing reports for correspondents
and then, since 1996, in the integral role of senior producer, one of the key
people who shape the editorial content of all 60 MINUTES segments for
broadcast. Working for CBS News at the local and national levels, he has won
numerous journalistic awards, including seven Emmys. Before joining 60
MINUTES in 1989, Howard
worked as a segment producer for the CBS EVENING NEWS WITH DAN RATHER.
He began his career at CBS News at WCBS-TV, the CBS Owned station in
New York. There, Howard rose to senior producer for special projects
in 1984, before becoming a broadcast producer for "Channel 2 News at
6." The award-winning local producer then took the CBS EVENING NEWS
position in 1986. Early in his career, in the 1970s, Howard was a
reporter at several weekly newspapers and produced two syndicated radio

Submitted by Gayle DePoli