Saturday, April 12, 2003

Letter to Mike Salgo

Hello Mike. This is to let you know that I have been receiving your several
emails over the past few months. I apologize for not responding sooner. I
am just not a good correspondent! But I do indeed enjoy hearing from you.
Hey, you with Ruth looked great in that picture taken at your birthday.
Glad to hear that you will be attending the next CBS reunion luncheon in
April. Attendance at those get-togethers is one of the things I really miss
as a result of moving here to Hilton Head because I have very fond memories
of all the great relationships with you and your staff in Facilities
Engineering. And all the most wonderful people at CBS. I doubt that there
is or ever has been any company with such outstanding personel and I am
proud to have been part of the CBS family. The same goes for the WCAU
stations in Philadelphia. Please tell all the guys that I know that you see
at the luncheon that I was asking for them. As Duke Ellington used to say,
"I love them dearly".

On a sad note you may have heard by now but in case you haven't Oggie
Prestholdt passed away on February 1. He was 86. The broadast industry lost
one of the great RF engineers and I lost a dear friend.

On a personal note all is well with Molly and me here on Hilton Head
Island, South Carolina. You may wonder why we moved here. We wanted to get
away from the northern winters especially like the one you and the folks in
Pennsylvania had this year. But more importantly we wanted to be closer to
our daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren, boy 5 and girl 2. From
Pennsylvania it was 750 miles and 14 hours driving. From here it is 315
miles and 5+ hours. And we are on the coast which means this is the
vacation spot of choice for them on holidays and other times. So life is
good and God has been good to us!

Well, it's getting near nap time here on a rainy Sunday afternoon so I
shall end this discourse with a wish for you and Ruth, and all the family
for good health and happiness.

Toodle ooo, Ralph Green (W2BLG)