Friday, April 25, 2003

Keeping this page alive is wonderful thing, least for me. It has brought such joy because it revives great memories of the days at CBS.
Tonight I received a call from a dear friend, and a great and pious man. But, what a pair of deep lungs this man has. He started to talk and didn't stop until the phone lines over heated.
If you haven't guessed by now that I am referring to Kevin Slattery.
That is the Sergeant-Major Kevin of the Crib, (or Equipment Center, as is listed in the telco book)
Kevin told me that he is the proud grandpa of Patrick KEVIN O'Mara. And it doesn't matter that Art Murphy is a great-grandfather.
I told him that Romeo and Marie Quaranta had at least eighteen grand-kids. He said that, "They are from a tribe, that practice's a different rhythm."
I asked how his brother Father Edmond was doing. He is retired after 52 years as a priest and living in a Catholic home in Cleveland.
But, we reminisced about when his brother was the Chaplain at the hospital on tenth avenue, near us at CBS.

Kevin spoke fondly of another legend, Roy Jackson. Of course, Roy evokes great stories that could fill a column or two. I am sure Jackson stories will popup at the upcoming luncheon.

Well, I covered some of what Kevin mentioned, except to say it is nice of him to call. He is also enduring through some slight balancing problems, and I surely wish this fine, very fine man that he never suffers and continues to remember people because he is one of the cornerstones of our CBS family.
If I had an award to give, I would name it the Pat Finn Symbol for Humanism, and I would give Kevin Slattery the first award.

Tony Cucurullo