Friday, April 11, 2003

Dear Bob,

I am extremely sad to hear of Ralph's passing!

He was a good friend and ally. The current CBS News (CND) group in general didn't know him, but much of what they are able to do is because of his efforts. Ralph was a technical type and served in the U.S. Coast Guard on the same ship in W.W.II with a fellow from CBS Washington, Royce Fish, W3HEQ, who checks in with the 'Net sometimes, but Ralph didn't really work as a technical type at CND, but in administrative management positions.

Since I moved to Florida, we have kept in touch and he sent me numerous items from his excess ham gear to help me relocate and get back up speed down here. He and Mr. Jamison were a real delight and Erika making the delivery was always a pleasure!

Thank you for sharing this very sad news to the group!

Lyn Heiges
St. Pete Beach, FL