Tuesday, March 25, 2003

You have heard this before but one of the finest human beings I have met and I have had my share is DON MCGRAW.

Ned Steinberg, your drawing of him is beautiful and a real saver. The only thing missing is for him to have a screwdriver and pliers in his hands.

During the glory days of CBS News special events unit under Bob Wussler, he wouldn't move without having Don with him. There were so many
stories that will now go with Don... Don was a master of improvisation and he did remarkable things. One of them that I do recall was during the
Southern segregation days (I am not sure if it was in Alabama or Mississippi - my mind is getting a bit fuzzy on details.) In those days we were
very competitive with the other two networks--.but there was a march and we lacked communication gear and Don made a deal with a taxi company
and we used their radios for our use..We bought the taxi company for the day.

Don came to work with me at the Ill fated CBS Cable and led the team to get that operation on the air. This was in the very early 80's before CNN or
ESPN were major players.The powers that be went for a cultural programming format ala PBS at Mr. Paley's request. So we folded in less than a year.

Don, you enriched the lives of so many of us you are sorely missed.

Sid Kaufman