Thursday, March 13, 2003

Today I live in a Rural area in southeastern Arizona. 100 miles
from Tucson.
It's called Sunizona and the Post office is Called Pearce which is 10 miles away. Sound confusing? We landed here after I retired from being Chief Engineer of KGUN-TV in Tucson. By the way Harold Deppe Jr. was one of my Maintenance engineers. I figured that to be able to live on retirement money the thing to do was move out of Tucson. We found this area and bought a 36 acre parcel and planted ourselves in the middle.

Culpeper is NW of Richmond about 60 miles, the radio station was a 250 Watter AM and I played Combo for 6-7 months. I landed there after the WWII GI Bill schooling. and I had made the rounds in N.Y. for a job and was told "You don't have any experience" I went and got it in Virginia and Indiana. I went back to N,Y, and made the rounds again and was hired at CBS
in July of 53..

The picture I attached was taken a month ago from the front porch showing the Mountains just East of us. They are called the Chiricahua Mtns. (cheer-e -ca-wa) the peak is 9795 feet.

I haven't seen Harold Deppe Senior in quite a while but the last time I saw Jr. he said both Harold and Francis were well, They're in their 80's.....

I best cut this short and got something done, it was good hearing from you.

Harry Charles

The picture is beautiful. My wife would move there in a minute. She loves that area. I spent 16 weeks there for a CBS negotiations.
I worked,...... as she toured the area. She even took a desert survival course.
You know there are several CBS'ers living in the Phoenix area?
Nice to hear from you.

Tony Cucurullo