Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Ted Perzeszty Status Report

I just got off the phone with Ted's wife, Pat. She said that the angiogram went well, however, they managed to break a catheter,
so Ted had to undergo some minor surgery. He will remain in the hospital until, at least tomorrow.
Pat said that, in the future, they will use a "less careless" hospital! (This one is Stonybrook University Hospital.)
Although it will be far less convenient for them, they will use St. Francis Hospital, which specializes in heart surgery.
As an aside, my Father-in-Law suffered a near fatal heart attack last July 4th., and at 86, underwent open heart surgery
for a mitral valve replacement, as well as bypass surgery. The work was done at St. Francis, and all went very well.
I've seen the inside of many hospitals, and I can say from experience that this hospital is one of the best I've seen.

All that aside, I'm sure that Ted would appreciate a card via snail-mail. He probably won't be in condition to check his E-mail for a few days.
If you need his home address, drop me an E-mail.