Thursday, March 20, 2003

Don McGraw, if you saw this name on your travel sheet...Well, you knew the remote was going to be a first class operation.
Lou Scanna, Art Tinn, Doug Fleetham, Harold Schutzman, are all great guys to have worked with, but I am sure they would
agree that Don McGraw was one of the finest human beings to be associated with. He was talented, but not ostentatious.
He was quietly efficient. his mannerism was even keeled and his concern to make you comfortable was unique.
Don was a neighbor of mine in Teaneck, NJ. On occasion, I traveled into work with him. His nature was always pleasant.
He was a fine man, and our industry is enriched to have had him in the ranks.
May the peace of the Lord be with his family, and may his soul be the copula to heaven for all the good he accomplished
here amongst his CBS family.


Tony Cucurullo