Monday, February 03, 2003

Thank you, Tony for your email. Unfortunately, I do not have the web page address. Would you please send it to me?
received a card from the CBS men and appreciated it very much. I hated to tell him some years ago that I just could
not drive to the luncheons. I still drive but I stay way from traffic as much as possible. He understood and did not press
the point, but I knew he was disappointed.

His local radio club was well represented also. He had to stop that several years ago, also.

Carl was 93 and still had his wonderful smile. The church was pretty full and visitation was filled with people.
I knew he would have been very pleased.

He was buried with some CBS vacuum tubes, a mock ham radio set built with whatever could be found including a
1 pound canned ham complete with antenna and knobs , a small TV about 1 1\2 inch cube, a shopping cart magnet
because he loved to buy groceries, and a troll because he was Norwegian. So, his life was well represented.
Oh yes, his building of our homes was also represented with a tiepin that was a hammer.

Yours in Christ, Emily Paulson

Dear Emily:
I am aware that our very close friend and, "Pioneer" Carl had passed away. I hope you read the many pieces of
acknowledgments about Carl that was posted on the WEB page.
More than all the accomplishments that he is credited with, was his ecumenical attitude towards the people he worked with.
He always possessed a true Christian spirit, and was there to help anyone that needed his bountiful skills.
Carl, was a great man in his humbleness.
Peace be with you,

Tony Cucurullo