Monday, February 03, 2003

Sorrow is a personal thing, we each feel it in our inner selves, and at different intensities. This space tragedy was at a magnitude that transcends individual feelings. It carries all of us to a new level of emotions.
The loss of the Twin Towers, or as it is catalogued nine-one-one in our memory bank, was an attack on all of us because it was a devastating event that invaded our homeland, and skewered up our patriotism to a fight-back-level. We are united in that cause, and our in thinking.
The space shuttle was our dreams of success, a thumbing of our technical noses at the world. A mooning to all the dissenters of our successes.
Pride Goethe forth, in Quantum leaps, with every "step for mankind."
We in the Communication/Broadcast world proclaim clarion clear that we are the pioneers of the major broadcast electronic accomplishments, and indeed they truly are grand steps for all people to benefit from.
We posture our position as leaders of this giant industry, and glory in its success.
When failure strikes it is explained to all benignly, and there isn't a painful tearing at our heart strings.
The fallout is the quick-cutting and slashing at the executive board levels. And the figure filberts do their magic with sharp pencils, and the monetary loss is absorbed with no more than a Band-Aid approach.
When the tragedy of the space shuttle, puts the names and faces to the story, it then forces the mind to accept painfully, the personal loss of these wonderful human beings.
The biography's of their backgrounds reveals that the cream of the worlds society, has lost the talents, and the almost monastic inner souls of these focused citizens of this planet.
I will remember their efforts on my behalf, to increase the boundaries of my world so that I can if I choose too i may expand my horizons.
Go, future astronauts, grandly into the skies, and explore the inner and outer space that we may follow, on sky oxen, and covered wagon type flying machines.
Your actions will be heralded as the pioneers of the Universe, as the Magellan's, Columbus, and as the spirit of American fortitude.
Your bodies are here on earth, but your spirits are stars in the heavens for all of us to follow.
God Bless all of you, and rest in peace.

Tony Cucurullo