Tuesday, February 25, 2003


A mensche, yes! A good technician, definitely. A gentleman, always.
Manny, was the type of an individual that made you want to be his friend. I guess that included everyone?
Manny, Stan Seiller, Al Thaler, these three, could regale one with poignant, and very funny dialect stories.
During the massive eight week strike, that had all of us walking picket duty, about several locations in the City. We were entertained with a quick joke, or an aside, and then fed by Mannny, as he carried those delicious sandwiches from Rocco's, as he circled the various locations on his bike.
Manny's acerbic wit, and broad intellect, were his hallmark.
While he is certainly one of the many CBS'ers that fill the bill as lovable characters, you would agree, that Manny was multi dimensional.
It is so sad that another from that great CBS era is gone, but his legacy lives on in the reverie of his many friends.

Tony Cucurullo