Monday, January 20, 2003

Once again the specter of death reared its ugly head and we are informed that Barry Yuzik died. Barry was a talented Engineer/Technician. But, perhaps he will be remembered as a technician with a talent for work-saving devices that were less productive but, ingeniously crafted.
He was a fun person to work with. And his mind was always on a plan or scheme to make huge sums of money. But, his plans were not to ask for investors from his fellow workers, but rather for him to involve his talent alone. These were a challenge to his enormous intellect.
While some of his plans might not have been for everyone, he was always riding in the latest sports car, and he did have the finest of accoutrements of life.
His entrepreneurial skills had him involved with several different successful enterprises. I remember, a Wallpaper store, a Shopping Mall, a Printing business, and others.
Barry surely belonged with the gifted maintenance men that CBS seemed to have an abundance of. If he had applied these skills, and work ethic of his, to CBS alone, he surely would have reached the upper echelon of maintenance managements.
He wasn't a "bon vivant" but he was a good friend to all that would accept his rather different work behavior.
I wish Barry could have lived longer, but I am sure that wherever his spirit is at the moment, he is surely stirring the pot.

Tony Cucurullo