Monday, December 09, 2002

Joe Tier, Art Tinn, Lou Scanna, Doug Fleetham, Hal Schutzman, and others that were great EIC's,.......... conjure greatness in ones mental image of them.
They commanded respect by their attitude and talents, and working for these men was a pleasure, one did not screw up their remote.
Joe Tier, has to be thought of as one of the great ones.

Bob Dailey informed me that Joe Tier passed one.

Joe, you will recall always seemed to have a cigarillo, (that is a cigar the size of a cigarette) hanging rackishly from the corner of his mouth. That was mainly there, to add to the character of this slightly rotund jovial, man.
What ever CBS required of him, he accomplished without fanfare or trumpets heralding his presence at meetings with managers, and princes of industry.
He was everyone's man, with a capital, "M"
Joe liked to wager a 'bob-or-two on the occasion, that we might have been on remote in Las Vegas, or Atlantic City.
Even at these places of no-chance, I remember vividly that Joe always played the percentages perpiscaciously, and generally would walk out with a coin or two, from the realm of the house.

If your assignment was not to your liking, and if you tried to badger him, Joe would listen to your lament, and then with his convivial manner, have you walking away from him, and being thrilled to complete your miserable chore, with aplomb, on CBS's behalf.
He was a fun guy, a friend, and he deserved to exit these mortal grounds, walking into Val Halla, cigarillo, lite, and that wide grin on his countenance.
Joe Tier, to be known as a great Citizen, this county's finest award.

Tony Cucurullo