Tuesday, December 10, 2002

I just read of the passing of joe tier,it brought back many memories of us on
remotes.When i received my "front sheet" from lisa one of the first things i
would take note of was the eic's name.Aside from working with him for many
years on the us open tennis-an event which was extremely demanding for him he
was the first to arrive and the last to leave we worked together on many,many
nfl games, horseraces and other events, conventions included.
Joe had a very natural talent for not placing himself above any of the
crew he was a true friend! We would go out for dinner at least once on every
remote -it was always a fun experience whether it was crabs in baltimore or
pasta in philly,he was truly a rare individual, his ability to work with
production and technicians and gain the respect of both will always be
remembered by me.I totally agree with tony's and bob dailey's comments
regarding him
There were many eic's with whom i looked foward to working with and at
the risk of failing to mention some i will simply say there were many popular
ones,but in my mind joe tier remains unforgettable.I hope he finds the casino
up there.

Thanks for the memories
bob vernum