Sunday, December 01, 2002

"Happy Thanksgiving........." Bellowed by all yesterday. Today, it was, "Bye Nana........Papa." As the car sped up the block out of view, that's when my heart sank into my overloaded stomach. I felt an ache for my little four year old grandson, Patrick James.
He arrived Tuesday night, and up until a little while ago, he generated enough energy to light one hundred Christmas trees. As I am sure all the children did, that visited grandparents, all over this land from coast-to-coast.
We are tired, my wife and me. She cooked up a storm, for at least 14 people. Even if she didn't hit a home run on all the food, I am quite sure there was at least one item for everyone's palette to enjoy.
But, the highlight of the dinner, was the recitation by Lil Patrick, of all his preschool songs and poems, to the delight of all the women that staid around the dining room table munching goodies and drinking Liquors,..... Er,....that's because all the men were tiring themselves out watching the football game from Detroit.
It's over, at least until Christmas. We won't get to see Patrick and the other children, but, for now I can still feel his little arms around my neck, and me trying to kiss him through his Spiderman's costume.
Have a nice day, folks, and give your grandchildren an imaginary kiss that is guaranteed to land on them, no matter how far they are down the road by now?
A wishful thinking old man.

Tony Cucurullo