Thursday, November 14, 2002

[Relayed from Tony Cucurullo]

Dear Tony,
I cannot begin to tell you about the "heartfelt" thanks I am feeling right now.
I am George Peter Moses' daughter, Georgetta Moses Winston…his namesake.
Dad...George...Mom.. Etta..put it together & you have Georgetta...a little of my Dad's humor, I have....:)))
My Dad died Oct 1, 1983… he is buried in Leavenworth, Kansas, b/c I live in Kansas City now.
As for knowing my Dad, well, he was the Christmas, Thanksgiving Dad or if I called CBS, when he wasn't on camera, he would call me back. We would meet for lunch or a show at Radio City.
But when I got married my Dad & I had 3 WONDERFUL years together...1976-1979…then I moved to Kansas City. During those 3 years, he was the Dad he never was when I was growing up. We had a great relationship. He even left the city... which for my Dad was very hard...he thought there was no place on earth like NYC...he came to see his first grandson, Mark at the hospital. I even got him to come to Yonkers for Thanksgiving during those 3 years. My Dad even apologized to me for NOT being the Dad he wanted to be to me & my brothers. He even said he loved me!!!
Even when we lived in KC, my Dad called us EVERY weekend or we called him. It was something I always looked forward to...and I miss very much now.
Children tend to keep "only' the good memories of their parents…that is how I chose to remember "MY DAD"...lots of good memories.
I do have the manuscript of his book of you think you have any ideas of what I can do with it ???
And do you know Chico & where he is ??? My Mom is alive & lives in KC too. Do you know, my Mom ???