Thursday, November 21, 2002

Hello all,

I am just back from Florida visiting family in the Ft. Meyers area. Prior to that trip, was a two week visit in the NY area. I was able to attend the NJ luncheon and meet old friends and take a few photos which hopefully will appear on the website. While in Fla, I realized I would be there during the Fla luncheon, so I rented a car and drove over to Boca Raton for the luncheon. Following the luncheon, it was off to Ft. Lauderdale for my flight home to California. It was great seeing Hans Singer, Paul Herschander, Sig Meyers, Art Schoenfuss, Sid Kaufman, three sports directors, Struck, Grossman and Dailey. There were many people whose names I didn't know, and of course I left out a few (they will come back to me as soon as I hit the send button.) Some photos will appear on the website.

It saddened me to hear of the passing of George Moses and George Joanitis -- both dedicated, long time CBS'ers. Rest in peace guys.

Bob Vernum