Friday, November 29, 2002


Re medical plan:
Received my packet and returned it. Keeping the same options as before.

Re the "mini-stroke": Have pretty much recovered strength in right arm. If there was a clot anywhere, it was very small. It didn't show up in the MRI . Doppler test of carotid was also negative Except that the carotids are not reasonably straight, but are all convoluted like the small intestine (or a bowl of spaghetti). Might have gotten a kink that temporarily reduced blood flow to the brain.
Wednesday, had an MRA of the carotid area(have no idea what THAT is but it was done in the same machine used for MRIs) No results yet. Will find out next week.

And all of this brings me back to insurance. Do you know anyone who has changed health insurance carriers lately?
I do. A friend, in his 50s did it.
He is a bike rider. Does 50 or 60 miles a day and frequently rides in events of over 150 miles. He is lean as a rail ~~~nothing but bone and muscle~~~~ and the new carrier added $350 to his annual premium for being "underweight". He had a complete physical a couple of years back.
Colinoscopy found a small polyp. New carrier denied insurance for his intestinal tract because of this "pre-existing condition".
For me, and many other retirees who were in good health at time of retirement from CBS, this may mean rejection of coverage for "pre-existing conditions" e.g. the brain (if they eventually find something), the spine (because of the arthritic vertibrae),the cardiovascular system (because of my bout with atrial fibrillation), any consequences of recently developed diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol etc. The list goes on and on.
I may not be able to obtain new health insurance at all, or if I do, the premiums may be sky high and all of the things that are wrong with me (including my eyes) will not be covered.

Does CBS even have a clue as to the possible health care consequences for older retirees if they just cut us loose?

Please make them aware.

Pierce Evans

Submitted by Tony Cucurullo