Monday, November 11, 2002

Dear Sir,

Hello, my name is Mark Richard Winston. George Moses was my Grandpa on
my Mom's side. I was born in Yonkers, NY on October 30th, 1977. Shortly after
my second brother, Matthew (who greatly takes after Grandpa), was born my
parents decided to move to the Kansas City, Missouri area. I've have grown
up in the Kansas City area but have visited New York many times. I am
actually scheduled to visit New York again over this coming Christmas and
New Years holiday.

I am writing to you because I happened upon your website regarding retired
CBS employees. I have very vivid memories of my Grandpa (Grandpa "Ding
Ding" is what I called him) as a child. The most vivid in particular was of
him walking me and holding me at Jones beach. I remember visiting his
apartment in the city where he always had grapes and cheese on the table.
My mom tells me that he used to tell her that I would be very smart. He
bought me an Erector Set when I was two; I still have it and, he was right

I am on a quest to reconnect with my past, my heritage. The Midwest has
much lacking in comparison to New York. I always tell people that I'm FROM
New York but I grew up in Kansas City. My mom made sure that I was always a
New Yorker at heart and she has accomplished her mission.

As you are probably aware, my Grandpa died in the early 80's. His wife,
Marietta ("Nanny" as she is known by me :)) lived in our home while I was
growing up. Those were the days---homemade pasta, sauces, stories; it was
great. She still resides in the Kansas City area and is in very good
health. I love her very much.

Anyway, there is a lot that I know about my Grandpa but there is also a lot
I don't know, specifically about his career at CBS. I actually have his
helmet from WWII when he was a combat photographer and Nanny has shown me
the letters of correspondence that she and my Grandpa exchanged during the
war; fantastic. He was working on a book about his experience at CBS called
"My Camera and Eye (with the CBS logo as the "eye") but he never finished
it. It, at one time, had priceless pictures of The Beatles, Elvis, and many
other celebrities in the their first appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show or
even American television for that matter. Unfortunately, many of these
pictures were "lost" over the years.

Had my Grandpa still been alive I would have visited him often in New York.
I feel that we would have been very close. It's no secret that he was
separated from his wife for many years and had a strained relationship with
his children. My mother was able to reconcile with him in later years and
spent several years with him and my dad (during the time I was born) having
a great time in New York. Even so, I feel a "gap" in my knowledge of him
from day-to-day. I am actively searching for recollections and stories from
others who knew him so that I can hopefully share these with my
grandchildren one day and they won't be lost forever.

Those of you who worked in the broadcast industry during your era have a
special place in American history. You were part of a "revolution of
American influence" of sorts that we now take for granted; television and
the media. My Grandpa was part of this and I would feel terrible if I never
knew at least part of the story.

This is huge favor but I would like to ask you to take some time and jot
down some of your memories of Grandpa. If you know another person who has
some more information please forward this email to them for their input as
well. I'd like to hear it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly. If it's
easier for you to dictate I wouldn't mind calling you and listening (you
reply with your phone number and I could call you so that you wouldn't
accrue the long-distance charges). Once again, I realize that you're
probably involved in many activities so I know that I'm asking for a lot but
if you could find a few moments here and there I would greatly appreciate

Please reply and let me know what you think. Thanks for your time.

Mark R. Winston
DST Output, DB/App Admin
pgr: 816 818 8298