Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Stu Meyers called me and read me the list of 40 former CBS'ers who will be at the reunion here in South Florida and I was delighted and impressed that he is able to pull this off.. Some of the names floored me---some real old timers . Quite a few production types..Some of the names I recall are Art Schoenfuss, Bob Dailey, Sandy Grossman, Duke Struck, John Mc Manus ,Bob Fishman and many others.
I am sure that there are many others in the Florida area or will soon be down here where it is nice and warm.
Hope this blurb on the net will be a wakeup call for others nearby to join this luncheon November 13th. Get in touch with Stu.
( Note to Stu-maybe it would be good for you to list a complete list of those who responded and will be coming, and have it posted here.)

Sid Kaufman