Monday, October 21, 2002

HI Guys & Gals;

So glad that the new web site is doing so well and I find it very useful and informative. Really sorry I had to miss another get together. I have been quite busy the past few months. My new wife and I are building a new house in Barnegat Bay on the Jersey shore, and it has been very time consuming running back and forth selecting everything that will be added to the original plan. It is a retirement community and it is very lovely, but by the time you get finished with adding all the goodies that they do not include you can add 25% to the cost, which is really very low compared to where I live now. I want to compliment all of you who diligently have put this site together and I expected nothing less than perfection having enjoyed working with you folks for a lot of years and I truly miss all of you and love to read about the goings on, and the writings of all of you are especially enlightening. Anyone that has worked among us and say's that they do not miss a lot of the interaction we used to have is totally out of it. Once a family, always a family, and it saddens me tremendously when I hear about our dear departed friends. So I hope I will make the next get together.

Sincerely, Good Health To You All.

Sam Ambrosio