Saturday, October 05, 2002

Dear Ted and Tony and Dave:

My thanks to you for continuing to run the retirees' membership association. It's an important work in keeping alive the memories of so many wonderful men (and now women) who were so instrumental in making radio and television what they were and are.. Techniques which are so commonplace today were developed by engineers who literally had to start from scratch and figure out how to make something happen.

Those of us who were part of the early days of radio (I started in radio in '34, moved to TV after returning from the war in '46 and finally left CBS (for ABC for another 23 year career in '64) have so many grand memories.
Although I've been unable to attend the luncheons (I'm recovering from Gullian-Barre -which almost no one has heard of). I enjoy keeping up with the members through your bulletin. When it comes, I open it with mixed emotions:

On one hand I'm still able to connect faces with names and, in almost every case, to attach some particular, pleasant memory to that name.
On the other hand, I feel the loss of a friend when I see the names in the obit list. Faces still go with those names and I can still see the person on some show we worked on together or in some situation where he contributed his own expertise to the event or to my well being.

The memories are particularly strong when it comes to all those who were so helpful during the six years I left engineering to direct Ed Murrow's "Person to Person" program. Without them that show would not have been possible..
So. wishes for the continuance of the organization and a warm greeting for anyone who remembers me.

Please accept the check towards the web site cost. I'd appreciate your sending me the list of members' names and addresses mentioned in the bulletin.

Till next time,.
Bob Sammon


Submitted by Ted Perzeszty