Sunday, September 08, 2002

When the coward terrorists blasphemed G-D by killing innocent people in their name. they left a scar for CBS to have emblazoned in their image for all time.
For two innocent workers, Isais Rivera and Robert Pattison, were killed in the performance of their job as Technicians at the transmitters high atop the North Tower.
One of the stories being circulated is that Isiais had a premonition about his death before the tragedy. He was there at work in 1973 when the terrorists set off the first blast in the World Trade Center. He never again felt comfortable going to work in that place.
If, in the kindness of your heart you can find a moment, say a prayer for these co-workers that are gone from our scene. September 11th... remember their names:

Isais Rivera
Robert Pattison

May the peace of the Lord be in the hearts of their families, and may they find a surcease from this terrible loss that permeates their souls.

Tony Cucurullo