Thursday, September 19, 2002

Richard O`Brian is in error about the Ed Sullivan theatre not having Marconi cameras. I did video for a time on that show and also "I've got a Secret" and "What`s My Line." All in the same studio with Marconi cameras. It was a four tube camera, each channel independent from the other, meaning gain, pedestal, gamma all separate. That`s how we got the pastel look of color .We kept the B &W ped at it`s normal level and raised the color peds by ten percent, thereby thinning out the color.To me, I think it was the finest camera .It didn't need image enhancing. It looked like 35MM film. If you don`t believe me, watch the Sullivan reruns on cable. It had one drawback. Every year a man came from England to replace the filters on the color tubes. It always took a long time. Also, for the video buffs.. .the controls were micrometer settings which allowed us to balance the camera without using the encoder.

Cal Marotta
(Forwarded by Tony Cucurullo)