Friday, September 06, 2002

Re: September 11th

Resolve has now replaced terror.
Fortitude, is the strength of character shown
The Lady in the Harbor, welcomes the future
Ground zero, is the place of sweet repose
Those unfound, leave spirits to lift us up.
No edifice can rise to replace the Towers
No victory lives in the hearts of the alone
The hero's are many, yet none can take a bow
The purveyors will perish, their ideals will crumble
Their innocent too, thy sting is yours
This history is the Genesis of the future
And the future is in the roots of the Genesis past
Carnage was given birth by Cain
Hope is man's eternal dream
It is in morpheus arms that we will our spirits onward travel
We rise each sunrise in hopes for peace, of the soul
But, tomorrow brings challenge yet lived
As the Lady in the Harbor stands resolutely,
We will be her light for the future
And hopes doth springs eternal anew.

From Tony Cucurullo