Thursday, August 08, 2002

A pall of immense sorrow has fallen over us this week with the loss of our beloved brothers. We just recently mourned the loss of Al Sabin, John Pumo, and yet another name is enshrined along with those giants of industry, that of Walter Matwichuk. I wish the words could flow so as to flower his technical background, but I didn't work in the area of the Videotape Department. However, I am quite clear when I say that you could not exist in that area of imaginative and creative people without having the skills to compete, as Walter did.
He spent his career in that department, and was one of the most respected and skilled technicians at CBS.
It is also surprising to me that the men and woman of the Videotape area have endured in longevity, because of the high-pressure that they are under at all times. They tape, play back, and edit at jet-pilot speed.
I hope that Walter Matwichuk is eulogized by his contemporaries as one of the best at his job, and too, as a friend to remember in warm and pleasant memories.
Thank you, Jerry Teevan, for informing us of his passing. It is so important for all of us to keep in touch with each other because life is so fragile and it wispily departs these mortal fields.

Tony Cucurullo