Tuesday, August 27, 2002

It is very easy to write about this dear friend of mine.
Herbert "Chico" Claudio, has sustained a stroke, and is recovering from that illness with the help of his angel wife Betty.
There are certain people in our business, and in the world at large, that are identifiable by just their first name. Chico was at the top of his profession at CBS. He was on the Ed Sullivan Show from day one, until he racked the boom arm back on the last show.
In retirement, the people on the "Sesame Street Show" knew of his availability and they called him, and it resulted in Chico winning two Emmy's.
Ted Perzeszty is as close a brother and family member to the Claudio's as one can be. He is in close contact with them and is keeping us informed as to his condition.
Chico, in Spanish, means little man. Chico is no small man in any aspect of life, but is a giant to his family and friends.
Chico, was a First Class Petty Officer photographer in the Navy during WW II. He flew in combat missions in the Pacific.
I wish him well, and I am sure all his friends will say a prayer for a successful recovery.
Tony Cucurullo