Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Hi Tony:
Hope that this finds its way to your computer and that it's up and running once again.
I hope that you're recovery will be a swift one and that all of the pain and misery you've gone through recently will be soon forgotten!
Also, I was very saddened to hear of Freds passing. He was such a nice guy and very kind to me through the years that I knew him.

Being across the street for so many years kept me out of touch with most of the people I knew in broadcast center.

I miss a great many of those who I've worked with going back to the early late 50's and early 60's but I can very honestly say that I do not at all miss those at 60 Minutes with the exception of a very few. It was really a very strange place to work Tony and if I told you some of the things that went on over there you probably would not believe me. All of those strange things one day caused me to stand up and say, "I'm out of here and not coming back!". And I never did. Thirty two years gone in a flash!

But, so far so good here in Maine with one exception .... the land taxes! They are going out of sight. I thought it was bad living in New York! Up here it's really crazy.

They think nothing of jumping taxes over $1000 or more in a year. But, the home prices where we are are going through the roof!
We have small homes ... and I mean small ... going for over $550,000! Our house which we paid about $50,000 for back in 1981 is now worth, so they tell me, over 600,000!

However, I do not intend to sell it and am only afraid that at the rate it is going up that the taxes will out strip my ability to pay over the years.
My wife, Rosemarie and I, are leaving for about 3 weeks next week to travel out to the Dakotas via Canada. We've never been out that way and have decided to take a mini vacation away from Maine to see how the others live in that part of our country.
We have 3 boys, 2 of who are in New York and one is here in Maine living on a boat he recently acquired.
He is in the merchant marine business as a ship board officer and works 4 months on and 3 months off. So, he purchased a 25 foot cabin cruiser which sleeps 6 and keeps it over on the coast about an hour from us. We've been out with him several times and it has really been nice experience sleeping overnight on it.
We live on a small island here in Maine on fresh water which in inland from the ocean. Our lake it about 10 miles long and just large enough for us to enjoy boating on it. In fact, Ro and I were out this afternoon for about 2 hours. We were the only boat on the lake! And, the day was just georgous!
So, enough about me Tony. Keep up the good work and keep me posted on developments. Again, I 'm not sure where we fit into the medical plan since I retired from Viacom and not CBS? I'm almost afraid to ask!

Take care for now and I'll speak to you when we return from our trip out west. You have my e.mail so drop a line when you can. Just is case its:

Megquier @ aol.com.

Joel Dulberg
207 - 998 - 2663 is our Maine phone number.