Thursday, August 08, 2002

Charlie D'Onofrio called this evening to wish me well after my brief stay in the hospital to put a stent in one of my arteries, but I was taken aback by the sad news that John Pumo, one of the CBS family, has passed on.
He and Art Tinn will attend a service for him in Malverne, on Long Island.
John, of course, will be remembered as one of the top Technical Directors. He spent most of his career in the video pits as a prime video man. When it came to his work, he didn't fool around. He was all business.
I will remember him for his compassionate act on behalf of Dick Douglas.
CBS was putting on a "Telethon" for WOR-TV. It emanated from the "Sullivan Theater." During the performance, Dick was having a difficult time handling the camera, as a result of his impending medical problem. I was on "cables" that night. I could hear the control room calling for Dick to cover a shot. I reached over to him and said, "I am your camera relief, John wants you to take a break." Dick went and sat in the audience quietly. John never let on to the director, or anyone else, that it wasn't Dick out there. After the show, he called us into the control room and made it clear to all that Dick completed his assignment, and we complied happily.
More to the point though, is that when we reminisce about CBS and its people, invariably John comes to mind, for it seems that he was in the mix at all times. He was truly one of our dear family members.
Le piu' sentite condoglianze. My most heartfelt condolences to his family.

Tony Cucurullo