Friday, August 16, 2002


August 15th, 2002 at 12:00 noon.
Meeting held at Local 1212 Union office
225 W. 34 Street, Suite 1118

Meeting Chaired by Keith Morris

In attendance:

Tony Ancona
Betty Claudio
Tony Cucurullo
Mike DeIeso
Bill Naeder
Gene Pasculli
Ted Perzeszty
Marty Solomon
Jerry Sullivan

These meetings are not under the auspices of Local 1212, IBEW. We are guests, invited to use their facilities.
This allows for open dialogue on the subject of the impending "TERMINATION" of our medical plan, as we were led to believe that it would remain in force, with slight modifications. In addition, it would give all of us a semblance of security, earned as a partner in the building of the giant of the broadcast, television industry.
This faith and verve is being subliminally destroyed. The use of subterfuge and snake oil salesmanship has left us with a bad taste in our collective mouths.
"Bait and switch" has become all too common a partner with the other misgivings of the corporate shenanigans.
However, today, it would be terrible to have to say that the company of our careers and lives, has a chance to blacken the symbolic icon renowned throughout the world.
If the current leaders can see that this would be the death knell to this giant, perhaps prudence will prevail and less profit will be replaced by commitment and character that is sorely missing in the corporate world today.
We are waiting for an implied, if not promised, re-evaluation of the plan structure by the company. We wait like the groom for the bride, to meet at the altar of faith.

We won't cower to false and delaying tactics. Don't kill the last semblance of respect we fervently hold onto.
Don't assume that acquiescence to the request for time is a weakness. We do it as a gesture of our proof to the company that we still hold dear, the image of family moribund in our reverie.
So, my dear friends, I two-stepped you around about the results of the meeting because it is too weak to just say " we are in progress on this matter."
I will give you a fair chance to conduct your own business. Let's wait and see. You will be asked to be a participant if needed.
Stay tuned, both management and technical types, for this concerns us all.

Respectfully submitted,

Tony Cucurullo