Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Some men come along and work diligently, but it goes unnoticed, because these men never push themselves into the limelight of recognition. They do a good job, always!
Bert Amian, helped me when I was laid off from CBS in the 1960s. He was a Videotape maitenance man, at MGM-Telestudios, on the corner of 42nd street, and Broadway. I was assigned to work in the maintenance area. Burt, without any prompting, just led me to the right path.
He was a good man, a fun guy with an infectious laugh. And I know if I continued to have lunch with him I would have been over 250 pounds. The man had a prodigious appetite.
But, it was his kindness that was his major attribute. This planet could surely use more men of the Bert Amian mold.
Another CBS giant, to fill the pantheon, of an industry loaded with giants.
Peace to the family of this gentle and helpful man.

Tony Cucurullo