Monday, July 29, 2002

Sadness about the loss of a friend comes in many forms, depending on the degree of personal knowledge of that person.
You will be receiving the news that Al Sabin died as a result of some strange or misunderstood ailment. I truly hope that is not the case, because we all rely on the expertise of the medical profession to keep our bodies glued to our spirit.

Bruno Fucci doesn't cry, but he had a difficult time passing the information to me about Al Sabin. He and Al and some of the other CBS family members that now reside on the West Coast formed a bond that has lasted quite some time. Al Sabin had an unusually savvy layman's knowledge of the law and was good council to those that needed his advice.

During his time at CBS New York, I became good friends with Al, because I used to drive him home to Brooklyn. We worked together when Al was the Supervisor in Master Control at Grand Central.
He handled personal tragedy with aplomb and dignity. I could say that for many of his friends, Al Sabin was a Supervisor without portfolio. He wasn't aloof… his mannerism was that of a friend talking to a friend.

If there was one at CBS, the place we call our home, Al Sabin could have represented CBS as the poster man. He was that respected, by all.
I wish peace to replace the hurt in the hearts of his family. In addition to Al's spirit, I pray that the good he did for others is his key to his place of eternal rest.
Si bene Dei.

Tony Cucurullo