Wednesday, July 10, 2002

From Tony Cucurullo

This week of the 4th, much is and of course about this country's freedoms. During this time of patriotic celebrations, we lost a baseball, and combat fighter pilot hero, Ted Williams.

Then too, we lost a song bird. The sultry singer, Rosie Clooney. What makes this poignant for me, is that she made a record with my favorite band of that era, Harry James. The song was, "You'll Never Know."
I was stationed in Little Creek Virginia, during the year 1950. The Korean War just started, I was on a pass into town, Norfolk. There was only one bus to and from the base. The last bus left for the base at midnight. I had just got on when I heard the song by Rosie and Harry playing in the bus stop, I asked to driver to wait until it finished,....yeah....sure! So, I got off the bus listened to the song, and walked the distance back to the base.
That lady could sing, and Harry James could play that trumpet.
Today, I can't walk a city block, but, I would still get off the bus to hear Rosie's smooth style. Gosh, that was along time ago........Go ahead and say it for me, "Time flies when you're having fun?"

Tony C.