Tuesday, July 30, 2002

From Bill Naeder Sr.

The sad news of Al Sabin's passing saddens all of us. In all my years with CBS I checked into TX hundreds of times. When you had Al at the other end, you knew all was well. He was the kindest most humorous man that I had the pleasure of working with. To his family, I can only say "May his soul and the souls of all the faithfully departed through the mercy of God rest in peace" he was a gentle man among gentlemen.

Bill Naeder, Sr.

From Harve Gilman

Les I am sure nobody realized that ther was asbestos in all the ceilings at the Broadcast Center. Many years ago they had to do some rewiring in the videotape
department, and when they pulled down the coverings, the asbestos started falling all over the place. The guys got all teed off, but nothing was done about it. Maybe
that is a possible answer to your question. I guess nobody realized that this may have been the cause of so many of the health problems stemming from there.

Harve Gilman

NOTE: Most of the tile floors in the BC were asbestos-filled, as well as the wiring in the lighting grids being covered with asbestos insulation.

Dave M.