Monday, July 01, 2002

Fred Schutz
September 24, 1928 - July 1, 2002

I included his email address, as you see. It just doesn't seem right that we can't reach him, physically, or metaphysically.
But, as a human, he left enough of a legacy that we will remember Fred, particularly when we reminisce about CBS and the men and women that made major contributions to it's development and success.
Fred, was a Renaissance man, in that he was current, and adaptable to any situation. He exerted managerial influence with tact, and a pleasant personality.
More than that though, he was a friend to so many people that it is difficult to see the separation from "Boss" to coworker.

Fred, and his wife, and companion Agnes, made a success from what could have been a chore, into a haven for happiness; "The CBS Retirees Association."
The camaraderie that he engendered made the unkind years for our countenances seem enjoyable and acceptable. As we all aged, some of us did not fare to well as mother nature played her tricks on our outward appearances, Fred, always used that, curmudgeon smile, and incisive wit to make us all feel less wrinkled, as he put more smiles on our faces.
Even though the paternal company he loved changed faces as a chameleon might, Fred, fought for our rights, and with his own purse opened wide.
One-in-a-million, you might say, I rather that you thought of him as one for all time.
Fred joins a list of technicians, and coworkers that have gone on to the eternal rest. I'll bet, that if there is indeed another plane of existence, then Fred and Doris Reardon are already organizing another meeting place for us to gather and once again share the comradeship of a spiritual bond.
God Bless you Fred, and thanks for your efforts to make people love one another.

Tony Cucurullo