Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Copy of Fred Schutz eulogy written by Tony Cucurullo

Dear Agnes, and family members, and loyal friends. To speak volumes about Fred, is very easy to do. For his legacy to all of us is the universal legacy of Jesus. That His only commandant that Jesus gave to us and that is, "To Love one another."
Fred, personified that dictum. He lived it, and espoused it.
His work ethic always embraced an ecumenical attitude. As a result, more fellow employees, felt that camaraderie and the kinship they felt was genuine.
Agnes, and Fred, spent their leisure time keeping the flame of fellowship burning brightly, by the efforts they made to force the CBS Retirees Association to expand, and embody those attributes, that come from the Schutz family so easily.

Most people will remember Fred for the very good that he did. His close friends, will hoist a glass of good cheer, to this curmudgeon, of fellowship.
Who could not like Fred Schutz. His memory is cherished in the highest of places. The staffs of the United Nation send their warmest regards, for this giant of friendship. CBS, to the corp. will lock in their heart a special place for Fred, because it a comforting knowledge that they all shared warm memories with this very kind and gentle man.

He is now with God, and the fellows of his industry that have gone before him.
This man, this very human person, placed a tear in our hearts, that wont leave us for a long while.
God Bless you Fred and peace to the heart of Agnes and his family.