Thursday, June 27, 2002

WASHINGTON (June 27) - Lawmakers rushed to the steps of the Capitol to defiantly recite the Pledge of Allegiance following a federal appeals court's decision declaring it unconstitutional. The decision was written by Judge Alfred T. Goodwin, whom Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., called an ''atheist lawyer.''

Remember this name. This idiot undercut one of the foundations of this country. That is the right of the majority, over the minority, on public, political, and religious issues.
If this coward ultimately wins this point, and takes away an inalienable right, then the lawmakers of this country have betrayed the founding fathers with this idiocy that one persons right over rides the majority rule of this nation.
This kind of reasoning portends all sorts of fallacious and divisive appeals to utra-liberalisms, just for the prurient self-interest parties.
Where is Thomas Paine, when we need him? The door has been pried open and the asylum is empty. Their rights are now preeminent. Standby for a deluge of insanity.

Tony Cucurullo